Matt Groening Hands Out Signed Drawings at LAX, Gets Shocked by Real-Life Homer

Matt Groening

I’m Ready for My Fans …

Not Quite Ready for Real-Life Homer

8/18/2018 11:38 AM PDT


Matt Groening has a new Netflix show out called “Disenchantment” … but he’s got an enchanting way of appeasing autograph seekers — he comes prepared.

We got ”The Simpsons” creator at LAX Friday, and he showed up with a bag full of signed cartoon drawings to give away … which he calls his new strategy for pleasing his fans.

Our cameraman even got an original Elfo! (He’s one of the stars of Groening’s new show.)

Then our guy hit Matt with some jarring news — a 3D artist on Twitter posted his imagining of what a real-life Homer Simpson would look like … and he basically replied with an “Ay, Caramba!”

Yeah, it’s pretty scary … but Groening seemed to quickly come around on making 3D Homer a star.

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